Living Midnight Narrative Outfit is a narrative-based design and research think tank. 

Being critical speculative thinkers in India is both easy and difficult. We grow up with stories about the weird, the absurd and the magical - except we believe that those things happen only in far off mythical worlds. So, as speculative thinkers, one of the primary tasks we face is to bring the magical close to the everyday.


Living Midnight Narrative Outfit was born almost two years ago of this desire to create a bridge between the real and the magical. It is the time of the night when fairies and fantasies, angels and apparitions dance. Our inherent interest lies in critical inhabitation of the spaces we encounter in the everyday. Narratives become our apparatus for this critical interaction. Narratives, as layered form, offer the possibility to create more processes and sophisticated apparatus which are more valuable than the outcomes. Thus, the stories mounted upon the media of curiosity and wonder become narrative machines that have an embedded agency to spore worlds within the world. This methodology, born from our collective belief in the power of stories as machines to transform the immediate environments understood as topologies of multiple scales permeate our design processes.