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Living Midnight is a Taoist term.

It silences the discriminating mind.

In German Romanticism, it is a time when the fairies and fantasies,

apparitions and phantasms come to life. 


In a serendipitous meeting ten years ago, stories brought two dreamers together. They shared a passion for a reality that would emulate the alternative worlds they had montaged together from the stories they loved. A reality that would be inclusive, equitable, tolerant and one that recognises beauty in all.


Those two dreamers, today, do not rely on others to make their alternative worlds. Today, they take active part in the making of the world they previously dreamed about. They came together to form Living Midnight – a space away from the discriminating objective mind. 


Living Midnight is a narrative-based design and research think tank. It believes in the power of stories to shape worlds. Our projects are about participatory design and co-created research that renders voices from the fringe, the marginal and the underground.


At Living Midnight, we ensure that all voices are represented through mediums that make their stories accessible to the wider audience. 


Living Midnight suspends reality for other realities to emerge.  

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