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Dreamscapes are worlds that are governed by the crisscross patterns of the past and a desired future. Often entangled, these desired realms only exist in their full glory within an unconscious laden with spatial emergence that is an asymmetrical doppelganger to the world of logic and rational actions.

Dark and romanticist, the Living Midnight dreamscapes are often haunted realms of passionate idealists. They are woven through a careful reading of the immediate world, and then grounded within the projective machine that the Living Midnight unconscious is. Mountains appear and disappear into clouds in a matter of moments in this dreamscape. Geo-morphology becomes vaporous. Millions of years are experienced in a puzzled wonder - haunted by a juggling instinct to play with scales of time.

In these dreamscapes, our works will travel with us along a coiling time. Along with us they will look into the past, to register the present, to speculate a future. At times, we will speculate the past, to make sense of the future to come. The Living Midnight unconscious, thus, continuously churns itself, almost like a wild celebratory dance. With it, so do we. From this dance, new worlds shall be born.

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