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Design Fiction, Critical design, Community Engagement, Pop-up installation


September 2017 - May 2018

North Kensington, London


Project initiated & led by / Maithilee Suryawanshi

Executed as a Major project at Central Saint Martins, UAL, London towards an MA Narrative Environments degree.


Team involved /  Ankita Trivedi, Kirsten Wehner, Cruz Maria Vallespir, Norbert Schwab


The Ministry of the Worthless Other took place as a series of street installations that critiqued and countered intolerance. Taking the form of interactive gaming experience, each site-specific installation took its issues from those faced by the local communities. Based on the housing crisis in the area, the pilot event, Behind the Red Door, was situated on a street corner on St. Ann’s Road, North Kensington. The participants were taken on a journey to bid for their dream house in one of the four fictional cities of the newly independent country of Kensington.

In the process of registering their bid, the participants, through the story of the red door, discovered different viewpoints which reveal little-known aspects of their chosen city.


Using fictional narratives extrapolated from the present, the experience highlighted the necessity of being aware of diverse perspectives and recognising the roles others play in informing one’s personal understanding of the world.

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