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Movements across space-time portals of semi-mythical worlds
Mytho-poetic theatre


April 2017 - May 2019

Ahmedabad, Venice, London, Berlin


Project initiated by / Ishita Jain with Out of India artist collective

Role /  Scripting, Production


Team involved /  Out of India artist collective

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Khi + Ordo, a mythopoetic theatre, was born from immersive theatrical and cinematic formalism. It occupied the para-space between art and academia. This project denied both and looked for Elsewhere – essentially a non-site. Khi + Ordo, as a project was co-constructed by the artists, the camera and the audience’s spontaneous participation, in situ.


It was designed as a perpetually growing narrative that was fed with each performance and each record - resulting in re-performances. This project had been developed independently with on-site records in Ahmedabad, Venice, and London and exhibitions and screenings in Berlin and Ahmedabad. 

The project operated upon the assumption that each participant would make the meta-narrative by ‘being’ in the space as he/she responded to the ambience, both consciously and subconsciously. These responses were the key to the larger quest of the collective to examine the interlocking of the physical material space and the immaterial virtual space.


The traditional ways of recording memories were visited, experienced and re-appropriated and newer records of the same memories were made with the cinematic, theatrical and architectural-formalist approach this transmedia project adopted.

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