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Speculative world-building, Performative stall,Pataphysical parody, Scientific-Poetic affects, Competition entry


September 2020 onwards


Project Initiated /  Pilot prototype developed in response to Re-imagining Museums for Climate Action Competition

Role / Narrative World-scripting, Creative Illustration, Behind the scene puppet masters of the Council of Confabulators,

lab rats in the L.O.V.E laboratory


‘EROSPHERES’ is staged as a pataphysical parody of the current conversations around climate change. Neither completely scientific nor completely poetic, this narrative environment asks: 

“What kind of future do we need that we can’t imagine because we are programmed to solve this economically?” 

This project speculates that all forms of being in the world are guided by the forms of love that are available in an era. In order to transform the ways of engaging in the world, forms of love and forms of care that are available need to transform as well. It sets the search for answers within a speculative world where the available dimension of love is negotiated by a Little Organization of Virtuous Ecologies (L.O.V.E.) that deploys a range of scientific-poetic affects (called Erospheres) into the world. 

Screenshot 2020-12-05 at 8.22.35 PM.png

2020 marks the appearance of a recyclable interactive stall in the Glasgow Science Centre. It is being set up by Captain Capitalism, the current avatar of today’s Erosphere. He is training Neoros - the next avatar of the next Erosphere - into materializing into the world. This transition involves a careful study of the organizational policies, ethical codes, and legacy artefacts. By making this process visible to all visitors, we aim to situate the climate change conversation outside the vocabulary produced by the latest Erosphere - Captain Capitalism.

It will explore Neoros’s hypothesis, “Love is available in plenty in its compound hyphenated forms.” How might this view change our ways of being in the world? 

Our stall - like in a climate change expo is set up as a parody - brings about the absurdity that gets generated when the conversations about growth, development and well-being are wrapped in only economic vocabulary. This parody will highlight the need to talk about nurture versus control, where growth is concerned. Post-economic development should reach the last person standing through vertical, diagonal and spiral paths. Well-being must be claimed as rightfully ours, and not something that has to be given. 

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