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CROSSROADS: an inquiry into human choices and consequences
Speculative Project, Forecast & Foresight, Interactive Installation, Audience engagement


February 2020

Y3K Planet lost & Found event, Mumbai, India


Project initiated by / Maithilee Suryawanshi, Ankita Trivedi

Role /  Foresight research, Concept development, Scenario scripting


Initiated and tested for the first time at Y3K: Planet lost and found - a climate change fair -  Crossroads is an interactive experience that engages the audience in a playful experience of 'chance' and 'consequence’ where choices they make, decide the future world they are heading towards. 


Fictional scenarios give a perspective into 4 plausible futures which are plotted in relation

to two intersecting axes: planetary health and societal condition. Based on Arup Foresight’s 2050 Scenarios, Crossroads is intended towards developing a framework within which we can start conversations regarding the world we live in and the world we wish to create.  


The project hopes to compel its players to consider how the choice of one leads to the consequences for many. It strives to make them realise that each and every one of us has the ability to drive and impact change. 

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